Saturday, July 25, 2015

Today is the BEST day and tomorrow will be a better day!

Hey guys! (and girls of course!!) I'm back on my blog, here am I back to the same screen. This makes me miss the moment with you. Everytime when I come back would surely express my feeling towards you first! hahaha... For my readers, don't jealous yea, it's specially for my lovely blog only =P

Why am I back here today? Thanks to one of my friends who reminded me on my blog after stalking of my birthday. Well, the learning lesson would be, if you don't want people to stalk over your birthday, the best way is to keep your email address or your blog URL away from numbers which hinting on it. =P

After 6 months of working life, I hereby officially announce to the world, 
 Working life isn't that bad and meeting the right person and right platform is very important. There is no perfect moment, there is only perfection in you! I'm grateful with the people I met along the way and all the guidance provided. Thus, the perfection in you is the one decide on how you view the people in your life and how you treasure them. Did I tell you that I'm currently in Mah Sing working as their Sales Executive? I'm now in charge of the M CIty project @ Jalan Ampang. Interesting an d challenging at the same time especially in this market condition. ^^

Back to the topic for today,

"Today is the BEST day and tomorrow will be a better day!"

This is a quote dedicate to all of you out there. No matter how have your day been, always remember that today is always the best day in your life and of course, tomorrow will be a better day. Sounds contradict? It's not actually because if today is consider a best day and tomorrow is a better day, this indicates that no matter what TOMORROW will be BETTER than TODAY! So what are you waiting for? Looking forward for tomorrow and live to your fullest. =D

A song dedicates to all of you out there~~ Hope that it can energize up your day too. ^^


Friday, January 9, 2015

2014 Conclusion! (Final Part)

With the continuous of 3 posts, here comes to the conclusion of my year 2014! Of course, those post can't explain everything that happen,but that was the essence of it. Men can't live with only ups or downs solely, so am I. All those down moments have made me stronger, spiritually and mentally. In contrast, all those ups moment did not fail to energize me to be a better person.

Lesson of the year:
Let the unplanned to plan you but never let the plan be unplanned. And it's always too early to say too late! Life is a journey, hit it!

Things happen for a reason;
People appeared for a reason!

With that, I'm looking forward my 2015. 

"Wish not for a better year, work for a better you." 

- THE END for 2014-

Thursday, January 8, 2015

2014 again?? (Part 3)

However, in 2014 itself, there was a period of grieve when our coursemate + sampat gang-er passed away due to road accident. Until this moment, the picture of him in the hospital still clear in my mind. However, his happy-go-lucky and like-a-boss personality never fail to inspire me. Here is a song dedicated for you. Beh, we will always be happy and continue your fighting spirit!

You are Always in Our Heart

To be continued...

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Let's see what other things happen in 2014! (Part 2)

In my previous post, I have done with those serious part and now let's move on to the FUN part! 2014 was an amazing year with fantastic friendsss I met and fabulous eventsss I participated. I was lucky and glad for being selected to join 2 cultural exchange programmes which are the JENESYS Programme and AIPE Programme. The programme was held in Japan and Hong Kong respectively.

JENESYS Programme (Group C - Nagoya)
AIPE Programme
I even self-sponsored myself to Taiwan!!! Taiwan is a beautiful place with friendly people and greenery environment. I had been walking a lot throughout the trip and every place I went, I made new friends. Although I can't keep in touch with all but I do keep connection with some of them. It was an eye-opening journey!

The Lovely People I Met in My Trip

However, this trip isn't merely to explore Taiwan but to meet him too~~ Hehe~~ But I'm still keeping it secret first. So, wanna know him?? Let's plan a trip to Taiwan again??

(23/2/2014 - Well, we didn't really make it through, thus you got no chance to know more about him... hahaha... )

To be continued...

Friday, January 2, 2015

I missed you so badly!! (Part 1)

Hey guys! I know I have been missing for awhile! You must be yelling right now, "Not just awhile!!!" Yea... I know... So, what have I been up to?

2014 marks the end of my university life and I'm ready to embark into a new journey!!. 
A photo of me before I got into my review of the year. This photo indicates a rewarding 2014 with the sunshine at the back! Love it!! <3 (Opps... kinda long elaboration~~)

Hmmm... Where should I start off?? Perhaps I shall do it in chronological order.

Or some short preview first!

Friends, family and love one.
(A short and brief preview?)

2014 for me is a year of crossroad! In 2014, I have always stuck myself into thinking of what do I want for my future and what can I do to achieve it? Well, you wouldn't believe the options that have came into my mind. To name a few, insurance agent, direct selling, simply start-up a business, work and travel, social entrepreneur or even further my studies.

I read a book few days ago and there is this interesting quote, "If you think you have too many choices, then left yourself with no option!" It feels good that at least I can choose when sometimes other can't. However, this quote strucks me. Bear in mind that, whatever choices made, it should be the only choices available. This is because it left no choices for us that we can't only work all out for the choice made.

Oh well... I would say until now, I still have no idea what to do!! But at last, I have decided to join the LEAD Project by Mah Sing Group as a management trainee. My one and only choice!! This is their first time doing this project and we are the lucky pioneer group, so we do not know how does the program actually run but I'm looking forward to join them! The send us the program agenda and I strongly believe that the gaining from this program is gonna be useful for us. This is also an opportunity for me to remold myself by stepping out from the comfort zone and join a brand new environment with none of them knowing my past.

Mah Sing Group

With the completion of my internship on December 6, 2014, I am officially graduated from University of Malaya although my convocation will only be held in OCTOBER 2015! (Mark down your calender and hope to see you there~~~) I had my internship on Premier Property Sdn. Bhd. as an Real estate Negotiator cum Sales and Marketing Support Intern! (What a long title I had.) It was an interesting experience for being able to explore a brand new industry. Credit to Prof. Gauth Jasmon who introduced me to Mr. Kee.

My Cure and Lovely Colleagues

Not to forget, the people where we work together for the society!! Thanks for all the planning and cooperation given. Without any of you, the picture will not be perfect! THANK YOU! =)
PEKUMA Board 2013/2014

To be continued...

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Asia Institute for Political Economy (AIPE) 2014

I have attended an event organized by the The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) which is the Asia Institute for Political Economy (AIPE). This programme is a life-changing one, from the content of the programme to the people I met here.

Still remember during my first day before I depart to Hong Kong, I was very excited for travelling alone and looking forward for the event while on the plane. The first person I met upon my arrival was Van Cao, a very cute and cheerful Vietnamese girl. We have chatted on FB and planned to go Lady Ho Tung Hall (our hostel) together. The only clue for both of us were that she will be wearing a white shirt and black shoe, meanwhile I will be carrying my pinky camera. What a generic clue we had. However, we still manage to meet up after walking a few rounds at the airport.

Here we are at HKIA.

First Group Selfie

Only manage till this part, check out my Facebook for the photos update! =)

Monday, February 24, 2014

After 8 years!

After 8 years of having you with me, today is the day where I get rid off you. Not to say fully but at least partially... I have finally get my hair cut short.

Teng deng...
My New Hair Style <3
WHAT??? IS that TRUE??

That was how my mom reacted. When I was still in the saloon, she was sitting at the side and asked my sis, "Is there anything happened to her??" "What's wrong with her?" "Is she ok?"

It's kinda unbelievable that I will actually cut my hair that short as I always treat it as my little baby.

I wanted to do this long time ago but I always do not have the courage to do so. Today is the day! 

The head is super light now! =P